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What is "clicker training?"

Clicker Training is positive, force free method of training based on the science of operant conditioning.  Using a small device called a clicker desired behaviors are captured and shaped.  Desired behaviors are marked with a “click” and rewarded with a treat. Unwanted behaviors are ignored without leash jerking, pulling pushing or punishing.  Your pet quickly learns which behaviors are reinforced and undesirable behaviors earn no reward.  Rewarded behaviors are offered by your dog more often and unrewarded behaviors disappear as they earn no rewards.  Clicker dogs become eager learners.

I went to an obedience class, it was not much fun and I felt embarrassed.  What is Foundation Skills training?

A foundation skill is a skill that a dog and/or his owner learn to enable a lifetime of successful learning.  Foundation skills keep training fun without force or corrections. Foundation skills include:

Foundation Skills for Dogs


Respond to a cue



Foundation Skills for Humans

 How to use a clicker

Using reinforcements instead of corrections


Besides Foundation Skills will my dog learn specific behaviors

Yes, beginner training packages usually include down, Mine and Take It, Name Game, Polite Leash Walking, coming when called, Settle, Sit, targeting and wait.  As the owner, it is important that Russ knows what you want your dog to do, how well you want the dog to do it, and in what environments. Training is geared to your goals with your dog.


I don’t have time or a regular schedule for weekly classes at the same time?

Russ provides convenient in home training that is flexible and fits your busy life.

Times are hard I don’t know if I can afford a professional trainer?

Russ offers affordable and flexible packages focused on your goals with your dog.  The training skills you will learn will last a life time.

Our dog lives in a family how can we teach everyone to care for the dog? 

Russ specializes in family focused training. Training is provided in the dog’s home environment and real life settings.

We want to comfortably and safely go out with our dog, we tried a training facility but it just didn’t work.

Russ will teach you how to train your dog in real life environments; many dogs are too reactive to other dogs to have success in traditional classes with many other dogs.


I don’t know if we can keep our dog, we love him but he jumps on people, steals food from the counter, pulls on the lead, or rushes the door when it is opened, etc.

Most dog owners love their dog but may find their dog’s rude and risky behaviors impossible to live with.  Friends stop coming by your home, or the dog gets confined to a backroom or outside. The owners feel embarrassed, guilty and isolated; the dog no longer gets the socialization and exercise he needs to be happy and healthy. Often these dogs are then given to shelters and some may be euthanized as result of behaviors that could be changed.  Russ specializes in canine manners training and will help you solve your dog’s behavior problems.

We are thinking of getting a new puppy (or older dog), but don’t know what breed or temperament would be best for us?

Russ offers consultation to you and your family as you think about getting a new puppy or older dog for.  Making a successful fit with your lifestyle and reasons for getting a dog will help you have a happy canine companion for a lifetime.

Our dog has gotten old and we can tell she is sometimes uncomfortable or our veterinarian has told us our dog has an illness that will progress; how can we decide about providing treatment or consider letting her go.

Russ is a professional licensed social worker with over 25 years as  a counseling professional. Russ can assist you and your family make these difficult decisions about your loved pet’s end of life and adjust to their loss.


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