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Russ Hollier

Dog Training

Serving Ithaca and Surrounding Communities

Convenient, force-free dog training based on science and an understanding of relationships

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The Mission


Teach people and their canine companions how to develop and maintain safe, respectful, and deeply satisfying relationships for a lifetime. 

The Method:

Russ employs clicker training to forge the person/dog connection, strengthening communication and building a mutual commitment to the relationship.


Clicker Training is a positive, force free method of training based on the science of operant conditioning. Desired behaviors are marked with a “click” and reinforced with a treat. Unwanted behaviors are ignored; without leash jerking, pulling, pushing or punishing. Your pet quickly learns which behaviors are reinforced and that undesirable behaviors earn no reward. Reinforced behaviors are offered by your dog more often while unrewarded behaviors disappear as they earn no rewards.



2 Training for the lifetime of your pet.


  • Teaching manners and obedience skills

  • Solving problem behaviors

  • Consultation services for choosing a puppy or new dog for your family

  • Counseling for making end of life decisions, pet loss and bereavement

  • Conveniently scheduled in your home and in the dog’s natural environment.

  • Your goals for your dog will determine the training plan

The Understanding: 

Russ believes that fun is an essential part of learning and problem-solving for both dogs and people


Human and canine needs are much the same; beyond just surviving we both seek relationship. Together we are motivated to love and be loved, connected to others, driven to have a sense of competence, to act with freedom and experience joy and fun. When we develop ourselves and train our dogs with these principles in mind training is fun, respectful and fulfilling for both the dog and their human companion.

Clicker dogs become eager learners because it’s fun.
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